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July 31st, 2016    

Vegas Green Room w/ Derek Richards and guest comedian / Heath Harmison

Idaho mormon in Vegas?  It happens.  Comedian Heath Harmison joins Derek Richards in the Vegas Green Room. A trained improv performer and veteran stand-up comedian, Heath brought his family to Sin City last year.  He talks about the transition to Vegas, giving up drinking and his days of selling door to door home security systems. His hilarious, high-energy, clean act is a must see in Vegas or wherever he travels around the country. Find him at Most importantly, listen to him here and now!


July 24th, 2016    

Vegas Green Room w/ Derek Richards and guest comedian Drake Nelson

He's a comedian, former wrestler and former video production man for Dennis Hof's Bunny Ranch empire, Drake Nelson joins Derek Richards in the Vegas Green Room to talk former wrestling days and his work with the Bunny Ranch.  Hilarious stories from the mat to the brothel.  Drake also talks about the madness surrounding the Lamar Odom fiasco.  Follow Drake on social media and through his Web site, but listen to him right here right now!


June 13th, 2016    

Vegas Green Room w/ Derek Richards and guest Andy Johnson from Love Cloud Vegas

Want to join the Mile High Club?  Want to not get arrested?  Check out Love Cloud Vegas as Derek Richards talks with president, owner and pilot of Love Cloud where you can get busy with your significant other a mile above the Vegas strip.  Check out their Web site, but more importantly, listen in to some great stories from the owner of this unique venture.


March 4th, 2016    

Vegas Green Room w/ Derek Richards and guest porn star Rebecca Love

Break out the bad jazz and bring in the pool boy!  The Vegas Green Room talks with retired adult film actress and Vegas resident, Rebecca Love.  

Join host, Derek Richards, as he talks candidly with Rebecca about her adult film career (nearly 60 film credits on IMDB), her podcasts (she does 3 of them), her webcam business, hosting porn star karaoke, her budding stand up comedy career, odd fetishes, her bucket list, and so much more. 
Find her on all the social media outlets via her Web Site  Download and listen!  Also, subscribe to our podcast, it's pretty damn good. 


February 26th, 2016    

Vegas Green Room w/ Derek Richards and guest comedian / craps dealer / actor seen in The Hangover, Keith Lyle

Our guest in the Vegas Green Room is from Chicago and now living in Las Vegas.  He's a comedian, craps dealer and actor as seen in The Hangover as the blackjack dealer -- Keith Lyle talks with host Derek Richards.  

Keith shares hilarious stories filming the smash hit comedy movie, The Hangover. He also talks about his entrance into stand-up comedy in Vegas as well as seeing the gambling side from the other end of the table from his years as a craps dealer at casinos around town. Hear about big wins, big losses, big tippers and big douche bags. His candid perspective on the what he's seen and done in Vegas is a riot. 
Find him at and also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube under funnykeithlyle. Listen and subscribe!

February 20th, 2016    

Vegas Green Room w/ Derek Richards and guest comedian / writer Jason Harris

This week's guest is a comedian, actor and entertainment writer here in Las Vegas... Jason Harris joins Derek Richards in the Vegas Green Room.  Originally from New Jersey, now a Vegas resident, Harris was the audience warm up comedian for Hell's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay and can be seen at venues all over town. 

He's also a music, comedy and food writer for several publications in Sin City: Las Vegas Weekly, David Magazine, and Vegas Pizza Review.  
Harris' writing has sold a couple screenplays to Russia, one is being translated to be made into a Russian movie. He's also written the World MMA Awards twice.
He talks about reviewing entertainment in Vegas, his comedy career, getting punched by multiple women on stage and almost getting shot.  Never a dull moment.  Find him on Twitter @champagneharris; Facebook and Instagram @jasonharriscomedy.

February 5th, 2016    

Vegas Green Room w/ Derek Richards and guest comedians Vince Morris and Sal Demilio

Vegas regular and Columbus, Ohio native, comedian Vince Morris joins Derek Richards in the Vegas Green Room. You've seen Vince on Comedy Central, BET's Comic View, Comics Unleashed, HBO's Def Comedy Jam, and the Late Late Show on CBS.  Catch him in Sin City at the Improv at Harrah's a couple times a year.  

Vince's act is one that is ever changing with every show as he showcases brilliant writing with great improvisational skills.  You need to check out some of his clips on Youtube to see the physicality that he uses to really bring the audience in to his performance.
He talks about everything from Vegas, to his time spent in Hollywood, to his show with fellow comedians B.T., Billy D. Washington and Louis Johnson, called the SELLOUT Tour, to the Bill Cosby scandal.  Find him at
Then Detroit comedian and the Vegas Green Room's resident sportsbook guru, Sal Demilio, steps in for his take on SuperBowl 50. 
Another packed episode.  Listen in...

January 29th, 2016    

Vegas Green Room w/ Derek Richards and guest comedian / actor Guy Torry

Comedian, actor, writer, producer, the man does it all, Guy Torry, joins Derek Richards in the Vegas Green Room. 

You've seen Guy on the big screen in American History X, Don't Say a Word and more than a dozen other films.  On TV, he's had appearances on Comedy Central, Def Comedy Jam, the Tonight Show, and Craig Ferguson.  He also toured with the Kings of Comedy - Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer and Bernie Mac.
Listen in as his no filter, honest interview style talks Hollywood, acting, comedy and his current documentary project on the legendary urban comedy night that he founded at The Comedy Store, called 'Phat Tuesdays'.
Find him on-line at

January 13th, 2016    

Vegas Green Room w/ Derek Richards and guest comedians Stephen Thomas & Sal Demilio

Vegas Green Room delivers a packed show with two great guests, comedian / actor Stephen Thomas, and comedian / betting guru, Sal Demilio, joining the podccast ringmaster, Derek Richards.

Thomas is a regular in Vegas at Brad Garrett's Comedy Club and the Laugh Factory.  He can be seen on Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen; his new CD, 'Magic Wifey Dust' was recorded at The Orleans in Vegas and is available on his Web site and also on iTunes.  Thomas also has a role in the upcoming major motion picture, Escaping Las Vegas.  He talks about the movie, the transition from his hometown of Columbus, OH to L.A., working cruise ships and his love of the Cleveland Browns.  
Sal Demilio was 2-1 with his picks last week during NFL Wildcard weekend and the National Championship game. This week he delivers his predictions for the divisional playoffs.  Catch him on line at and get his tour schedule for when he hits a comedy club near you!

January 4th, 2016    

Vegas Green Room w/ Derek Richards and stuntman Rich Hopkins, Jokesters Comedy Club producer, Leon Quenneville and comedian Sal Demilio

The Vegas Green Room is crowded this week with 3 guests for your listening frolic!

First, Vegas based stuntman, Rich Hopkins, talks with Derek Richards about his nearly 30 years in the stunt business.  Affectionately known as the Godfather of Adrenaline, he's a stuntman, stunt coordinator, extreme sports athlete and the owner of Thrillseekers Unlimited. Having recently worked with MTV's Real World Season 31 shot here in Vegas, and also TruTV's Impractical Jokers.  Find him at
The podcast also features producer, Leon Quenneville, of the new comedy club at Bally's Casino, Jokesters Comedy Club.  Leon, along with his partner / brother have produced shows in Vegas for years and their newest venture is set to open on January 14th in the Windows Showroom.  Their lineup features podcast alum, Don Barnhart, Kathleen Dunbar and podcast host, Derek Richards. 
Finally, Detroit comedian and football guru, Sal Demilio, gets to avenge his 1-4 predictions last week with projections for the National Championship game and a couple NFL wildcard contests. 
It's jam packed this week.  Subscribe and listen!  

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