Vegas Green Room w/ Derek Richards and guest comedian / craps dealer / actor seen in The Hangover, Keith Lyle

Our guest in the Vegas Green Room is from Chicago and now living in Las Vegas.  He's a comedian, craps dealer and actor as seen in The Hangover as the blackjack dealer -- Keith Lyle talks with host Derek Richards.  

Keith shares hilarious stories filming the smash hit comedy movie, The Hangover. He also talks about his entrance into stand-up comedy in Vegas as well as seeing the gambling side from the other end of the table from his years as a craps dealer at casinos around town. Hear about big wins, big losses, big tippers and big douche bags. His candid perspective on the what he's seen and done in Vegas is a riot. 
Find him at and also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube under funnykeithlyle. Listen and subscribe!
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