Vegas Green Room w/ Derek Richards and guest comedian / writer Jason Harris

This week's guest is a comedian, actor and entertainment writer here in Las Vegas... Jason Harris joins Derek Richards in the Vegas Green Room.  Originally from New Jersey, now a Vegas resident, Harris was the audience warm up comedian for Hell's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay and can be seen at venues all over town. 

He's also a music, comedy and food writer for several publications in Sin City: Las Vegas Weekly, David Magazine, and Vegas Pizza Review.  
Harris' writing has sold a couple screenplays to Russia, one is being translated to be made into a Russian movie. He's also written the World MMA Awards twice.
He talks about reviewing entertainment in Vegas, his comedy career, getting punched by multiple women on stage and almost getting shot.  Never a dull moment.  Find him on Twitter @champagneharris; Facebook and Instagram @jasonharriscomedy.
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